Unique Combination of Platforms and Applications

Software Development

We provide a full-range of software solutions, web design and development services for start-up to well-established companies. We are aware that every project is unique and there is no singular approach or solution that is appropriate for every client.

Q-Apps has the flexibility and responsiveness to accommodate its diverse client base and their various challenges.Our custom software solutions are designed to cater to your exact needs.There's basically no project too small nor too large that we cannot handle, and the greatest part of our diverse services is that we can supply you with a complete personal solution.

If you require a custom software solution, we have the team of technical experts who can custom develop solution that will fit your exact needs and requirements.

SAAS Development

Q-Apps is a SAAS development company. Software as a service is typically described as a method of delivering apps to users over the Internet without the requirement for the user to install, maintain and develop the software and associated infrastructure.

Product Development

Q-Apps is a Product development company which involves several important stages like generating ideas, idea screening, concept testing, business analysis and market analysis, actual development of the product, test marketing and commercialization.

Dedicated Team

Dedicated outsourced team for your projects development and management can be provided as per your time zone with facilities like conferencing, Tracking, email and telephonic support. However, there is a minimum contract duration which has to be acknowledged.

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Business Consulting

Business consulting is provided to enhance and improve your company's business operations for more growth and productivity. Please use the contact us form to contact regarding business or application consulting for your next project.

Fanatical Support

We provide one of the most fanatical support in the web development industry at various touch points which helps you to focus on your core business while we take care of your technical needs.

Multi-Vertical Development

Our software development experience of multiple industries has increased our list of applications to include Cloud softwares, ERP, CRM, job portals, real estate portals, autocad applications, large scale ecommerce applications, Business Management Systems and SAAS, IAAS and business products development.