We protect your business from cyber attacks

A-to-Z reporting on every stage of the development

Security assessment

Vulnerability scanning

Ecommerce Solutions in Chennai

Static code analysis

Penetration testing

Pre-certification security audit

Domain Expertise

Web Application

Web application testing is one Q-APPS core areas of expertise. We have significant experience in testing web apps within various business domains:

Online services and horizontal portals

E-commerce, payments and billing


News & entertainment

Games & gambling

Line-of-Business Software

We have experience in testing enterprise software products, corporate information systems and enterprise application integration projects. Our experience includes:

ECM and document management

SLM systems

Collaboration systems

CRM systems

Financial and accounting systems


We are ready to swiftly allocate a dedicated team to work as a part of a client's QA division on a mid-term or long-term basis. We also provide static code analysis services and are prepared to meet industry-specific standards.


We ensure end-to-end security testing of mobile solutions that may include distributed components such as web service and remote storage in the back end, data transfer and synchronization, mobile messaging, etc.

What Do Our Customers Get?

  • General system security assessment

  • System resistant to cyber attacks & Recommendations for security improvement

  • Comprehensive process documentation

  • Detailed description of security defects

  • System improvement recommendations

  • Prevention of unauthorized access

Security Testing Across the Entire SDLC

Q-APPS provides security testing throughout the software development life cycle. Clients may opt to hire us at any stage of the SDLC:


Q-APPS integrates security testing procedures into the development process so that QA activities may run in parallel with development.


We provide security testing and validation of fixes on pre-production releases (often as a component of global application acceptance tests).


We will suggest flexible options for security testing of the running software, including replica deployment in the testing environment.