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Growth creates complexity. Testing organizations have grown past the traditional life cycle and are no longer ‘anyone can do’ models. The major emphasis is on leveraging Emerging Technology Platforms, managing increasing complexity, satisfying highly demanding customers, and building and acquiring necessary, but complex skills. This multi-dimensional perspective in addition to the evolving trends of higher number of mergers and acquisitions, increased business alignment to testing and newer outsourcing/pricing models kicking in has opened up additional areas for QA organizations to focus on.

Given the dynamic change, QA organizations need to constantly transform, and thus influence the achievement of the organizational strategic objectives/vision/goals. The vast potential of optimization, comparatively easier target to try out newer business and pricing models, higher vulnerability/flexibility to changes and the advantage of being in a constantly emerging space of IT industry enables QA organizations to continuously look for higher maturity practices across 6 critical strategic tenets such as financial, operations, delivery excellence, people transformation, organization support functions and technology management.

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Q-Apps Test Transformation Consulting practice will help growing and maturing customer organizations through their transformational journey through our new offerings.

Our new offerings have been developed to build a sustainable and scalable test organization through transformation of key organizational strategic levers by leveraging our framework created by leveraging top notch industry practices across the QA space and by integrating a quantitative measurement framework to measure maturity and value.

Our unique positioning as in industry leader in QA space positions us better to bring about newer avenues and trends into the customer organizations and in turn will help customer organizations transform gradually as they mature across key organization tenets. Our organization capability and maturity assessment will bring in all the required dimensions and solutions required to transform any QA organization looking for business value.

The other key service line focuses totally on career development and architecture. The focus is on emerging technology platforms, increasing complexity, highly demanding customers, and complex skills. This has created an evolution of roles and skills across variants tenets of testing, business, and technology.

The growth has mandated organizations to re-invent the career design, and create structured avenues for growth, engagement and retention of their key talent. Increasingly organizations have recognized the importance of test project management and test program management as two key areas of focus, owing to higher ownership and complexities involved in delivering testing projects off late. Secondly a focused career growth framework integrated with learning and development, cross career modeling, dedicated technology career paths are becoming more than mandatory for retaining and empowering talent today. Our new offering on Career Architecture and Design will bring a new dimension and paradigm to QA careers by building sustainable and scalable organization model for future.