Staffing Services

Q-Apps helps you in hiring perfect candidates for your organization. Selecting a right candidate is about understanding your requirement, understanding the Industry requirement / practices, being aware of trend changes and keenly judging the validity of a claim by a candidate. This is exactly the reason for us to have a team of domain specialists who understand your vertical, your industry better. Furthermore, our team is trained in interpreting and validating of a resume and not just in downloading.

We help you to validate the person you are hiring in terms of skill sets, competency,compensation and the correct source segments. Coupled with scientific assessment tools including Aptitude Tests, optional domain skill evaluation and a detained first level screening questions and formats, our team ensures that your selection time is virtually reduced into half.

Permanent Staffing

Hiring permanent employees and absorbing them into your organization is a serious responsibility, so you better make sure that you are making this commitment to the right people. We are here to help you pick out just the right ones. Our permanent staffing solutions give you access to fully screened and qualified candidates in any industry of your choice. We have a solid group of consultants who dedicate themselves to helping your organization to achieve its business objectives. Our process is secure and guarantees that we offer our clients the best candidates at any level, with the quickest turnaround time.

Temporary Staffing

Our temporary staffing solutions cover a whole length of services that includes the whole HR process right from recruitment and selection, on-boarding, payroll, consistence, training and providing complete management reports to you. With our dedicated team of consultants operating in the country, a vigorous technology system, strong risk management processes for compliance, legal aspects and our experience of having build up this concept in India, we deliver value on a continuous basis.