Training, Developing the Skills Experience

QA Academy

Testing accounts for almost 30 percent of the software development market. US spend an approximate $69.5 Billion on testing, and the global outsourced testing market is estimated to be a $13 billion industry. With the boom of the third party software testing business, the need for quality and trained manpower has become a critical issue in the industry. Typically, the training focuses on process, tools, and certification in the testing space, and focused at creating entry level testers. Thus it presents a great opportunity for offering formal technical education in Software Testing, leading to an international certification.

Q-Apps training’s are aimed at ‘learning by doing’ and equip participants to go back and implement what they learn on-the-job. Training’s whether instructor-led or delivered online provide practical and ready-to-use inputs, and are aided by Q-Apps access to state-of-the-art and state-of-practice research papers, tools, guides, manuals, videos, data, benchmarks, games, case studies, and exercises.

Q-Apps Technology & Business Solutions concentrates on empowering web development and developing client associations through their workforce transformational journey concentrating on 6 basic vital principles such as financial, operations, delivery excellence, people transformation, organization support functions, and technology management. Our focus is to build a sustainable and scalable IT & Consulting organization through workforce transformation and leveraging our framework created using industry practices across the Agile, E-commerce Development, Program Management, Software Testing & QA, and Process Improvement.

Developing Career

It involves designing and implementing a comprehensive career framework. The structure helps in defining career paths, roles, role-skill maps, competency, and performance requirements for each role.

Structured Competency Development

It involves developing role-specific learning programs leading to career progression for teams. The structured program involves role-based skill assessments, learning program design, learning delivery, and certifications.

Base lining Team

We can support organizations in developing and conducting organization-specific skill assessments for base lining team capability across the domains of Agile, E-commerce Development, Project & Program Management, Software Testing & QA, and Process Improvement.

Custom Program & Curriculum Design

We support organizations in development and aligning various learning interventions based on organization’s workforce transformation plans and their training & development directives.

Source, Train &

Through our ‘Source, Train & Hire’ solution, we collaborate with clients in executing the full life-cycle of sourcing, training and on-boarding new team members. These hires are productive from the first day of their employment in the organization.

Training Needs

Q-Apps Technology uses exclusive Universal Competency Framework (UCF) to help the client in understanding the gaps, determining the roles, identifying the skill gaps, and formalizing the investments for learning and development.