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A Process That Empowers Your Development

Through its processes, Q-APPS is able to provide you end-to-end visibility that sometimes is very hard to achieve, especially between development and testing. This way, you can know for sure that vital teams are aligned and moving toward the same goals.

Precise requirements analysis.

Multi-level QA reporting.

ISO 9001:2015 standardization.

Accurate planning.

Effective risk management.

Project Management Tools

We exert every effort to smoothly integrate with your team. We combine our knowledge and expertise to learn new collaboration tools and platforms, anytime. This allows us to engage with you on the level that fits your project the best.

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QA Process Optimization

We have developed a proprietary software testing approach that is aimed at delivering high-value QA services to our customers. QA Consulting Services are the essential part of our approach that empowers optimization.

Create your team.

Implement a better testing approach.

Set up the QA process.

Grow employees' competency.

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