Testing Environment

At Q-APPS we apply both domain-specific and client-tailored testing methods and tools to ensure software products of reliable and consistent quality.We hugely invest in our technologies expertise to create the best-fit combination of infrastructure, tools and resources based on the project goals.

Environment Security

Operational security and customers’ data privacy are viewed as essential to our business.

The company’s proprietary and clients’ data is distributed among a shared infrastructure comprising multiple homogeneous systems located across multiple geographically distributed data centers.

Our full-time IT Security Team focuses on a broad range of security related tasks including global security auditing, running of regular penetration tests and vulnerability scans to ensure high level of corporate systems protection.t

Our Commitment to Trust and Security

ISO 9001:2015

Security Incident Management Procedures

Hiring Process Policy

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Employees’ Security Trainings

Testing Tools

When providing our services, we combine our extensive experience with the best testing tools to deliver exceptional quality of software.

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